Keystone Optisel valve

Elevate Your Standards with Askalon's OptiSeal

In the pharmaceutical, beverage, and food industries, finding reliable and compliant process control solutions is essential. Askalon, a leader in industrial flow control solutions, provides the Keystone OptiSeal valve, a top choice for procurement managers aiming to enhance their standards.

Askalon’s team of over 100 professionals, including project managers, engineers, and technicians, tailors solutions to meet your specific needs. The OptiSeal valve from Emerson™, known for its resilient seated design and PTFE-lined components, offers versatility and reliability across various applications.

Benefits in many industries

The OptiSeal valve’s PTFE lining ensures excellent chemical resistance and non-toxic properties, crucial for pharmaceutical compounds. It ensures that your processes meet stringent pharmaceutical standards for quality and safety. It provides hygienic and aseptic handling, preventing contamination and maintaining flavour integrity for the beverage industry, ensuring consistent quality and safety in beverage production, from mixing to packaging.

The OptiSeal minimizes cross-contamination risks and supports efficient CIP (Clean-in-Place) processes in the food industry. With a robust design and field-replaceable seat, it reduces downtime and ensures smooth operations.

Comprehensive Procurement Solutions

Askalon offers complete valve supplies, customized applications, and preventive maintenance services. Our commitment to professional development ensures that your team stays updated with the latest in flow control technology.

Partnering with Askalon and integrating the OptiSeal valve into your procurement processes can elevate your standards, streamline operations, and ensure compliance with industry regulations. Choose Askalon to enhance your procurement strategy with the precision and reliability of the OptiSeal valve.

Here you can read more about OptiSeal.

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