Emerson Transfer Pentair Valves Controls to Askalon AB

Askalon now represents Valves, Actuators and Service for Sempell, Keystone, Neotecha, Crosby, Vanessa, Clarkson, KTM and many others.

On April 28, 2017, Emerson purchased the Valves & Controls business unit from Pentair. The combined portfolio offers you access to the largest selection in control valves, pressure management, isolation valves such as triple offset, butterfly, gate, globe, ball and check valves, in addition to actuation technologies. These include industry-leading product brands such as Sempell, Keystone, Neotecha, Crosby, Vanessa, Clarkson, KTM and many others. As part of the integration efforts, we have made changes in the representation of some product lines, specifically in the Pressure Management and Isolation Valve categories.

We are pleased to announce that effective 1 August ASKALON AB is your new provider for former Pentair Valves & Controls products and support for all industries in Sweden except the Nuclear industry. Sempell products and service to the Swedish Nuclear customer will be sold and supported by Askalon AB and Erichs Armatur AB.

Askalon brings over 43 years of representing Emerson brands like Fisher, Baumann, Topworx, CSI and AMS in the Nordic region. We are confident in their ability to extend these capabilities to support our newly acquired product lines.

In addition to Askalon Service organization, they have access to Emerson’s enhanced global network of more than 300 service centers to support shut downs, turnarounds, outages and other maintenance needs.

Please feel free to contact them immediately using the contact details below:

ASKALON AB, Nolgårdsvägen 11, 66341 Hammarö, SWEDEN 054-579200 sales@askalon.se

We thank you in advance for your continued support.

The combination of Askalon and Emerson will continue to provide unparalleled support in the region.

We look forward to serving you in the future.

Derek Farr
Vice President Sales Europe, Final Control