The first ever balanced-diaphragm safety valve

Askalon is happy to present the first ever balanced-diaphragm safety valve. Instead of a metal bellow, the Crosby JDS-E has a rubber diaphragm. The technology eliminates the need for bellows in pressure relief valves, providing lower costs and improved performance.

- It greatly reduces the life-cycle cost of the valve, says business development manager, Kenneth Olsson.

Diaphragms are inherently more resilient than bellows for higher back pressures and rapid pressure cycling applications. The Balanced Diaphragm technology lowers maintenance costs, improves reliability and increases safety.

Crosby JDS-E

How it works

The diaphragm effective area subjected to back pressure has the same area as the nozzle seating area, ensuring balanced operation. Its location is above the guide and not in the main flow path of the media. Therefore, it reduces exposure to the media, improving reliability and valve flow performance. Additionally, the absence of bellows removes its spring rate effect, enhancing stability during operation.

- The diaphragm is highly flexible and resilient. The JDS-E can solve bellows trouble on existing valves, Kenneth Olsson says.

- This is a more sustainable solution, and at a lower cost for the customer.

Kenneth Olsson
Account Manager
Phone. +46 54-57 92 04