Clarkson Model ZP300 Knife Gate Valve

Clarkson Model ZP300 Knife Gate Valve

Designed for the extremes of oil sands applications, the zero pocket provides an uninterrupted flow across the valve, increasing service life and minimizing wear on downstream components.

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Certifications CRN
  • Full round port, adaptable to match specific pipe I.D.s offers lowest possible pressure drop across valve and longer service life in abrasive applications.
  • Shut-off conforms to the requirements of ASME Class V.
  • True bi-directional flow and shut-off, can be installed in either direction.
  • Designed as a field repairable asset for a lower overall cost of ownership.
  • Heavy cross section precision molded elastomer seat, simple to replace, no shimming or trimming.
  • Seat is held in place by the bolted body to prevent pullout or shifting in the body.
  • Available with urethane, EPDM, HNBR, FKM or other elastomers with a maximum temperature rating up to 390°F (200°C) with proper elastomer selection.
  • Cast bolted body available in CF8M, 2507, WCB/LCB or other materials.
  • Polymer chest liners to support gate through the full length of the stroke.
  • Two styles of replaceable and rotatable integral flow rings available:
    Internal rings are suitable for dead-end service.
    External ring are not for dead-end service.</li></ul>
  • Superior packing assembly is standard with live-loaded gland studs, providing continuous load.
  • No special tools or unique packing materials to maintain or replace packing, can be repacked with valve in-line (line pressure must be relieved).

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