Fisher 299H Series Pressure Reducing Regulators

Fisher 299H Series Pressure Reducing Regulators

Fisher™ 299H series pilot operated pressure reducing regulators provide controlled pressure and capacities for distribution, industrial and commercial applications with inlet pressures up to 175 psi/12.1 bar. 299HS with Type VSX2 and 299HV with Type VSX8 are used in applications where the gas supply must be shutoff. The 299HR integral token relief alerts you to an increase in downstream pressure beyond the regulator set point. Types 299HSR and 299HVR token internal relief valves to relieve minor thermal expansion overpressure.

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Body Sizes and End Connection Styles Sizes: NPS 1-1/ DN 4, NPS 1-1/ DN 2, NPS 2 / DN 50
Connections: NPT, CL125 FF Flanged, CL250 RF flanged, PN 10/16 flanged
Maximum Operating Inlet Pressure by Orifice Size 1/4x3/8":175psi/12.1bar
Maximum Outlet (Casing) Pressure 66 psig / 4.5 bar
Minimum Differential Pressure for Full Stroke 1.5 psid / 0.10 bar d
Outlet Pressure Ranges 3.5-inches w.c. to 60 psig / 9 mbar to 4.14 bar in nine ranges
Pressure Registration Internal, External, or Dual Registration
Temperature Capabilities -20 to 150°F / -29 to 66°C
Approximate Weight 21 Pounds / 10 kg
  • Rugged Construction
  • Unique No Bleed Monitor System
  • Accuracy
  • High-Capacity Pressure Control
  • Highest Quality
  • External, Internal or Dual Registration Conversion
  • Easy Startup
  • Easy to Maintain

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