Fisher 585C Piston Actuator

Fisher 585C Piston Actuator

Fisher™ 585C piston actuators provide low to medium thrust output for a variety of small to medium Fisher sliding-stem valves, including the easy-e™, HP, EH, and 461 valves. The double-acting design of the actuator results in stiff, precise positioning. Smaller sizes of this actuator are also available with optional bias springs for a spring return fail mode.

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Actuation Double-acting, Spring-return, Linear
Certifications PED, CUTR, ATEX
Control Type On/Off, Throttling, Positioning
Operating Temperature Standard Temperature
Power Source Pneumatic
Process Control On/Off, Throttling, Positioning
Valve Type Angle Valve, Globe Valve
  • Maximum thrusts of up to 111 kN (25,000 lbf) can be produced, depending on construction.
  • Depending on size, strokes of up to 203 mm (8 in) are available.
  • Universal NAMUR mounting provides a consistent mounting method and also provides vibration resistance per ISA-S75.13.
  • The double-acting construction allows stiff, precise positioning.
  • 585C size 25 and 50 actuators are available with a top-mounted handwheel. All other 585C actuator sizes can accommodate a side-mounted handwheel.
  • Actuator sizes 25 and 50 are available with bias springs. A bias spring under the piston fully retracts the actuator stem upon loss of supply air, while a bias spring on top of the piston fully extends the actuator stem.
  • Low friction piston seals and cylinder coatings reduce sliding friction and wear.

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