Fisher M Series handwheel gear actuator

Fisher M Series handwheel gear actuator

Fisher™ M series handwheel gear actuators are totally enclosed, weatherproof, worm gear actuators used for reliable manual operation with Fisher A11, A31A, and 8560 high performance butterfly valves. The M series actuator consists of a body housing, cover, worm gear, input shaft, and handwheel and the housing is grease-packed.

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Actuation Quarter-turn, Manual
Certifications PED, CUTR, ATEX
Control Type On/Off, Positioning
Operating Temperature Standard Temperature
Power Source Manual
Process Control On/Off, Positioninging, Positioning
Valve Type  Ball Valve, Butterfly Valve, Eccentric Plug Valve, Triple Offset Valve
  • Rugged construction provides stability and corrosion resistance. The unit is totally enclosed for weatherproof operation.
  • Two adjustable stops are located in the housing for correct adjustment of disk position. The actuator is inherently self-locking, unless subjected to high vibration.
  • Provides for five degrees of overtravel in both directions for precise positioning of the valve disk.

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