Fisher P313-P340 Series Latch and Remote Release Mechanisms

Fisher P313-P340 Series Latch and Remote Release Mechanisms

With the exception of the 3-inch/DN 80 flanged sizes, all Fisher™ brand internal valves can be fitted with a manual latch/remote release mechanism. When the internal valves operating lever is manually moved to the open position, the lever can be latched in the open position. The lever can be released from a remote location, thus closing the internal valve. A built-in fusible element in the latch/release melts if exposed to fire allowing the operating lever to return to the closed position.

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Available Configurations Type P313: Manual lever and release for 4-inch flanged Type C404-32
Type P340: Latch/Remote release for 2 and 3-inch NPT including Type C471, C477, C486 & C891
Type P341: Latch/Remote release for 1-1/4 inch Type C407-10
Type P342: Dual lat
Available Configurations Type P313: 12 Pounds / 5 kg
Type P340: 0.3 Pound / 0,1 kg
Type P341: 1 Pound / 0,5 kg
Type P342: 1 Pound / 0,5 kg
  • Built in Fusible Element for Thermal Protection
  • Easy Installation in the Field

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