Fisher VBL Volume Booster

Fisher VBL Volume Booster

Fisher™ VBL volume booster is used in conjunction with a positioner on a throttling control valve to increase stroking speed. The booster incorporates fixed deadband, soft seat construction, and an integral bypass restriction to eliminate positioner saturation problems. The volume booster delivers high volume output for fast stroking when large, rapid input signal changes occur.

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Certifications ATEX, CUTR
Diagnostics No
Input Signal Pneumatic
Max Outlet Pressure 150 psig
Mounting Type Actuator Mount
Operating Temperature Standard Temperature
Position Control Modulating Control
Safety Certification SIL 3 capable
Supply Media Air, Natural Gas
  • Delivers the volume needed for rapid actuator stroking when large input changes suddenly occur.
  • Integral bypass restriction tunes the booster response so that smooth actuator motion follows the slow signal changes.
  • Soft seats provide tight shutoff to reduce unnecessary air consumption and eliminate saturation of positioner relays.
  • Permits high actuator stroking speeds upon demand without degrading the positioner steady-state accuracy.

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