Fisher Whisper Trim l Cage

Fisher Whisper Trim l Cage

Fisher™ Whisper Trim l cages offer proven aerodynamic noise control that is effective for vapor, gas, or steam flow applications. The Whisper Trim l cage utilizes multiple orifices of a special shape, size, and spacing to minimize noise generated by the flow of vapor, gas, or steam through a control valve. Using a Whisper Trim l cage, in conjunction with a properly sized valve body, can substantially reduce the noise level below that of valves with standard trim. 

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Critical Service Noise Abatement
Flow Characteristics Linear
  • The Whisper Trim I cage offers excellent noise reduction and high flow capacity. This combines with the well-known control and durability offered by standard Fisher easy-e™ trims to give optimum overall performance at a minimum investment.
  • Use of a Whisper Trim I cage in a properly sized valve can result in up to 18 dBA noise reduction compared to the same valve with standard trim. An 18 dBA reduction in noise represents approximately 98 percent reduction in sound intensity. This is simila
  • Quick change trim allows fast and easy inspection or replacement of the cage without taking the valve body out of the pipeline. It is interchangeable with the cages in all standard easy-e control valve bodies.
  • Hardened material is standard to provide exceptional wear resistance.

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