Keystone F86 Swing Type Check Valve

Keystone F86 Swing Type Check Valve

Keystone™ F86 is a high capacity, spring loaded swing type wafer check valve.

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  • Lightweight, wafer type check valve with face-to-face dimensions according ISO 5752, table 5 long
  • High flow capacity featuring a special shaped disc with a large opening angle resulting in high Kv values
  • Spring loaded disc for positive shut-off
  • Choice of cast iron or stainless steel body types
  • Field replaceable O-ring seat
  • Internal travel stop prevents the disc from slamming against the pipe
  • Excellent low pressure shut-off The standard low pressure shut-off is less than 0.1 bar (10 kPa)
  • Slam free operation
  • Optional heavy spring for slam free operation in systems with high decelerations
  • Optional light spring for systems with low line velocities
  • Optional adjustable travelstop for system with reduced inner diameter pipe

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