Keystone K-LOK Series 38 High Performance Butterfly Valve

Keystone K-LOK Series 38 High Performance Butterfly Valve

Emerson‘s Keystone K-LOK Series 38 is a high performance butterfly valve engineered to NAMUR Recommendation NE 167. The valve is rated PN10, 16 & 25 and available in wafer and lugged style. The unique design does not rely on pressure to assist sealing and therefore seals at high and low pressures, as well as dirty services.

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Size DN 50 - 400
Operating Temperature -29°C to 200°C
Pressure Class PN 10, 16, 25
Applications Chemical and petrochemical processing, purified gas, steam, vacuum, water and utilities
Certifications ISO 15848-1, PED-CE, UKCA, SIL
Design Standard EN 12569, EN 593, EN 16668, NE 167
Face to Face EN 558
End Connection Lug and wafer
  • Interference polymer seat design provides bi-directional, drop-tight shut-off in vacuum as well as at full rated differential pressure. Its unique design does not rely on pressure to assist sealing therefore seals at high and low pressures, as well as media containing particulate.
  • Integrally cast-in disc position stop perfectly locates the disc in the seat, achieving maximum seat and seal life, reducing total cost of ownership.
  • Clamping sleeve enhances vertical alignment of the disc and shaft while in service including during thermal cycles, resulting in reduced wear of the seat and further extension of the seat and seal life.
  • All valves have been certified for low emissions to the latest edition of ISO 15848-1 tightness class BH endurance class C03.
  • Unique packing design allows for use in pressure as well as vacuum without modification or special assembly.
  • Unique gland bridge design compensates for uneven adjustment of gland nuts, reducing packing leaks and maintenance costs.
  • Blow-out resistant shaft is standard on all valves for increased operator safety.
  • Disc taper pins are tangentially positioned placing them in compression rather than shear stress, which eliminates potential for failure and increases safety.
  • Extended neck allows for up to 100 mm of pipeline insulation, allowing access to packing gland, for size DN 100 and above. For size less than DN 100, insulation height is equal to DN number in valve (e.g., 80 mm for DN 80).

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