Service center Hammarö

Service center Hammarö

In the service center at our head quarter we perform both control valve and on-off valve service. We do, amongst others, customization and instrumentation, calibration and diagnostics.

We have several kinds of machines and tools. Some of them are stationed in the workshop and some of them are used during service on customers´sites. We have a lathe and a milling machine, a leakage test bench and a hydrostatic test pump for tests up to 400 bar. We also have two torque guns - one for 175-700 Nm and one for 400-2000 Nm.

Any questions?

Niklas Nordin
After Sales Manager
Phone. +46 54-57 92 24

Per Locke
Service Manager, Hammarö
Phone. +46 54-57 92 22

Pernilla Nyman
Service Coordinator, Hammarö
Phone. +46 54-57 92 45