VAG DUOJET-T Automatic Air Valve Tamper resistant - water

VAG DUOJET-T Automatic Air Valve Tamper resistant - water

VAG DUOJET®-T Automatic Air Valve. High-capacity, single-chamber air valve with triple function for venting and releasing air in pipelines as well as for releasing air during operation. Special tamper resistant strainer and bonnet design according to DIN standard. Corrosion-proof due to stainless steel inner parts (in size DN 50, inner parts made of plastic). Safe and reliable operation even at high air-release velocities of up to sonic speed. Suitable for use in water treatment, water distribution, in dams, power plants and in industry.

PN: 10/16/25 - DN: 50...200

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Operating and maintenance instuctions DUOJET®
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  • Sealing system/standard: Resilient seated
  • Single chamber air valve in compact design
  • Very high discharge capacity up to sonic velocity due to stabilised floater
  • Venting function:
    • Large orifice to vent high quantities of air during draining the pipeline
    • Large orifice to release high quantities of air during filling the pipeline
    • Small orifice to release low quantities of air during operation under pressure
    • Tamper resistant due to special strainer and bonnet design
  • Outlet female threaded: acc. to DIN ISO 228
  • With flange end acc. to EN 1092-2
  • Minimum operation pressure: 0.3 bar
  • Triple function air valve
  • Body: Ductile iron EN-GJS-400-15 (GGG-40)
  • Bonnet: Ductile iron EN-GJS-400-15 (GGG-40)
  • Inner parts: Stainless steel 1.4541
  • Float: Stainless steel A4 (exception: DN 50 - PN 10/16 synthetic, from PN 25 of A4)
  • Sealing: EPDM
  • Bonnet bolts: Stainless steel A4 (DIN EN ISO 3506)

Internally and externally epoxid coated (min. 250 µm) acc. to GSK guidelines

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