Service safety relief valves

Safety valves are a very important component in a well-functioning process. Safety valves are located in the system to protect personnel and equipment from injures and damages. Safety valves, rupture discs, breaking rods or other controlled safety devices must be checked at regular intervals. A worn or damaged safety valve can be a direct danger to those working on site. A leaking safety valve can also cause major malfunctions, which can be very costly. The medium that leaks through a damaged or incorrectly adjusted safety valve can also be a direct cost to the customer.

Our experienced service organization performs inspections, renovations and repairs on safety valves. We perform the job either on site at the customer or in our well-equipped service workshop. Our equipment includes specially adapted mobile test benches where we test how the valves open and close and how they can withstand high pressures. We also have mobile equipment for evaluating and testing valves during operation.


Askalon service safety relief valves

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