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No shortage of positioners at Askalon

Despite years of both pandemic and war, Askalon has managed to both deliver and stock positioners.

- One of the best things about FIELDVUE is that we can easily mount them on other brands, not just our own.

Jörgen Sundin has been selling spare parts at Askalon for almost 25 years now. He says that several of the competitors are experiencing delivery problems.

- We have had no problems with deliveries so far and we have a local stock of assembly kits and over 50 FIELDVUE for immediate delivery.

Over three million FIELDVUE digital valve controllers have been sold worldwide over the past three decades. No wonder, as they create opportunities to save time as well as money. An Iowa plant, for example, reduced annual maintenance costs by $230,000 by using FIELDVUE digital controllers with advanced diagnostics for its control valves.

- It is an extremely robust and reliable instrument with few complaints. Fisher was early in developing the technology, so it is a well-developed instrument with broad functions, mainly for valve diagnostics, says Jörgen.

Many Fieldvue valve controller at Askalon warehouse

There are several series within the FIELDVUE family, both for remote mounting and a SIS version.

- For the beginner, there is model DVC2000 which is very user-friendly, so no extra accessories are required to start it - by pressing only three times, it is calibrated and optimized for operation on the valve in question. The remote mounted model DVC6215 is a good problem solver. It is often used for problems with heat, vibration or radiation.

Today, FIELDVUE only has contactless feedback (with array), which means that the user avoids wear and tear and problems with mechanical link arms between actuator and instrument.

- A review I received from several customers regarding our remote-mounted positioner DVC6215, compared to the competitors, is that they think ours are very robust and therefore work well in difficult environments, says Jörgen.

FIELDVUE digital valve controllers are created by Fisher, but also fit other brands, such as Namur standard for example. And assembly kits for most brands are available at Askalon's warehouse in Hammarö outside Karlstad.

- We do the assembly either in our workshop or at the customer's site. Good support and fast delivery, that's what our customers get with us.

Fieldvue on a Fisher Vee-Ball3 million Fieldvue sold in the world

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