Anderson Greenwood 5910C Pressure Vacuum Relief Valve

Anderson Greenwood 5910C Pressure Vacuum Relief Valve

Integrated solution to protect tanks from excess pressure and vacuum scenarios while also preventing explosion from external heat and ignition sources.

The 5910C is a pressure and vacuum relief valve with integrated flame arrester, designed to protect above ground storage tanks containing potentially flammable liquids and vapors from rupture or explosion by over-pressure and from external heat and ignition sources.

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Materials Aluminum, carbon steel, stainless steel
Sizes 2” to 8” (DN 50 to 200)
Connections Drilled flange
Settings Up to 1 psig (69 mbarg)
Temperature Range 20° to 60°C
Gas Groups IEC Classification IIA
Certification ISO 16852
  • Element and shroud optimized for flow efficiency
  • Oversized pressure and vacuum ports provide maximum flow capacity
  • Easily removed hood and elements for inspection and maintenance
  • Replaceable and interchangeable pressure and vacuum seat rings
  • Modular design allows for reduced number of spare parts required

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