Baumann 26000 Corrosion-Resistant Control Valve

Baumann 26000 Corrosion-Resistant Control Valve

The Baumann™ 26000 valve is a unique corrosion-resistant control valve featuring a flangeless wafer valve body and powerful multi-spring diaphragm actuator. A solid corrosion-resistant R05200 Tantalum or N10276 nickel alloy valve plug and pressure-assisted PTFE seat combine for an extremely wide control range making the 26000 series ideal for pH control applications. Top entry trim provides ease of servicing and a long operating life.

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Certifications CRN, CUTR, PED
Critical Service Low Flow, Corrosive, General Service
Flow Characteristics Special Characterizations, Modified Equal Percentage
Material Stainless (PTFE Lined)
Operating Temperature Standard Temperature, High Temperature
Pressure Class 150 psi CWP, 10.3 bar CWP
Process Connection Type Flangeless
Shutoff Class Class IV (FCI 70-2), Class VI (FCI 70-2)
Valve Size NPS 1, DN 25
Valve Size Standard NPS, DN 
  • Wide control range with high rangeability.
  • Solid R05200 tantalum or N10276 nickel alloy valve plug.
  • S31600/S31603 stainless steel valve housing with PTFE body interior.
  • Pressure-assisted seating, up to Class VI shutoff.
  • The combination of primary and secondary valve stem packing ensures process retention.
  • Flangeless body construction, unique thru-hole wafer design for installation between CL150 and 300 and PN 10 through 25 RF or FF line flanges.
  • PTFE encapsulated line flange gaskets (included) permit valve installation between plastic lined slip-on mating flanges.

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