Baumann SV electric actuator

Baumann SV electric actuator

The Baumann™ SV electric actuator is specifically designed for Baumann sliding-stem control valves. It is used for temperature and humidity control for HVAC (hot and chilled water, steam, glycol, etc.), semiconductor manufacturing (clean rooms, make-up air handlers, recirculation air handlers, humidification, chillers, jackets, and glycol systems), and for many industrial environments such as textiles, food and beverage, and tire manufacturing.

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Actuation Linear
Certifications CSA
Control Type On/Off
Operating Temperature Standard Temperature
Power Source Electric
Valve Type Globe Valve
  • Multi-function technology (MFT) provides standard auto calibration and signal select ability at the factory or in the field.
  • Valve failure modes close, open, and last position are available.
  • Choose from 24VAC or 24VDC power supply.
  • Stem position feedback transmitter is available.

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