Clarkson Model KGD Wafer Style Slurry Valve

Clarkson Model KGD Wafer Style Slurry Valve

The Clarkson KGD wafer style slurry knife gate valve is a high-quality, bi-directional isolation valve designed for optimal performance, durability, and reliability. Ideal for heavy-duty applications requiring ultimate sealing, it offers the latest in elastomer technology with the Mark III sleeve design.

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Size Range NPS 2 to 24 (DN 50 to 600)
Temperature Rating Up to 300°F (150°C)
Pressure Rating Up to 200 psi (14 bar) CWP
End Connection Wafer
Shutoff Class Zero Leakage
Valve Type Knife Gate Valve, Slurry Knife Gate Valve
  • 100% isolation, bubble-tight shut-off - ensures absolutely zero downstream leakage.
  • Double-seated design - provides bi-directional flow and shut-off, allowing for smooth operation.
  • Unobstructed flow - eliminates turbulence, minimizes pressure drop across the valve, and prevents any accumulation of solids.
  • No seat cavity where solids can collect and prevent full gate closure.
  • Dynamic self-adjusting secondary seal.
  • No gate or stem packing is required, eliminating packing leakage and maintenance.
  • Long lasting lubrication.
  • No metal parts in contact with the flowing slurry.
  • Adaptable frame (yoke) design featuring a top-removal stem nut, can be field modified to an air cylinder or bevel gear in the field without welding.
  • Open-Closed lockout brackets standard through NPS 16 (DN 400), ready for optional factory supplied or customer supplied lockout pins.

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