Fisher 377 Pressure-Sensing Trip Valve

Fisher 377 Pressure-Sensing Trip Valve

Fisher™ 377 trip valves help you maintain normal process operation in applications where a specific valve or actuator action is required. When supply pressure falls below the trip point, the trip valve causes the actuator to fail up, lock in the last position, or fail down. When the supply pressure rises above the trip point, the 377 trip valve automatically resets, allowing the system to return to normal operation.

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Certifications ATEX, CUTR
Diagnostics No
Input Signal Pneumatic
Max Outlet Pressure 150 psig
Mounting Type Actuator Mount
Operating Temperature Standard Temperature, High Temperature 
Position Control On/Off
Safety Certification SIL 3 capable
Supply Media Air, Natural Gas
  • Single trip valve construction reduces costs and spare part requirements of those systems using three separate switching valves to perform the failure functions. A single trip valve greatly simplifies piping requirements.
  • Conversion to any of the fail modes requires only minor hook-up changes.
  • The trip point is adjustable for specific supply pressure requirements.
  • The trip valve design includes large diaphragm areas and few moving parts for efficient performance, minimum maintenance, and long service life.

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