Fisher 8540 High Performance Butterfly Valve

Fisher 8540 High Performance Butterfly Valve

The Fisher™ 8540 valve features an eccentrically mounted disk with a soft seal ring. Soft seals provide excellent sealing capabilities in both flow directions. The square shaft combines with a variety of actuators to form a reliable, high-performance valve suitable for many applications requiring tight shutoff.

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Certifications PED, CUTR
Critical Service General Service
Flow Characteristics Linear
Material Carbon Steel, Stainless Steel
Operating Temperature Standard Temperature
Power Source n/a
Pressure Class ASME
Process Connection Type Wafer
Seat/Seal Type PTFE Seals
Shutoff Class Bidirectional shutoff to Class VI per ANSI/FCI 70-2.
Standards ASME B16.34
Stem Square
Valve Size NPS 3, NPS 4, NPS 6, NPS 8, NPS 10, NPS 12
Valve Size Standard NPS
  • Exceptional Shutoff — Bidirectional soft seal ring with pressure-assisting action results in exceptional shutoff rates as shown in the specifications.
  • Shaft Retention — Redundant shaft retention provides added protection. The packing follower and shaft step interact to hold the shaft securely in the valve body.
  • Easy Installation — The valve body self-centers on the line flange bolts as a fast, accurate means of centering the valve in the pipeline.
  • Approximately Linear Flow Characteristic — An approximately linear flow characteristic provides precise throttling control.
  • Powder Paint as Standard — The Emerson powder paint finish offers an excellent corrosion-resistant finish to all steel parts.

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