Fisher Vee-Ball SS-84PSV4 Rotary Control Valve

Fisher Vee-Ball SS-84PSV4 Rotary Control Valve

The Fisher™ SS-84PSV4 valve is the pressurizer spray valve for use in third generation PWR nuclear generating stations. The NPS 4x3 valve body has NPS 4 buttweld ends with 3 inch Fisher Vee-Ball internal trim, which operates against a spring-loaded sleeve seal. This valve contains several enhanced features compared to the original SS-84 designs, which operated in previous PWR Reactors.

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Critical Service General Service
Material Stainless
Operating Temperature Standard Temperature
Pressure Class ASME
Process Connection Type Butt Weld
Valve Size 4X3
Valve Size Standard NPS
  • Missing tooth spline design ensures one-way only assembly.
  • Side body flange allows trim removal without actuator removal.
  • Design integrates easy adjustment of closed position.
  • Actuator turnbuckle adjustment allows precise positioning without linkage disconnects.

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