Kunkle Valve Bailey 746 Safety Relief Valve

Kunkle Valve Bailey 746 Safety Relief Valve

A top guided, full lift safety relief valve with an unobstructed seat bore to ensure the highest possible discharge rates, with the choice of conventional or balanced bellows designs.

The 746 is certified to BS6759 pt 1, 2, 3 and is suitable for the protection of vessels, pipelines and equipment using hot  or cold water; air; process or corrosive liquids and for clean steam and gases in hygienic environments.

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  • Freely pivoting disc ensures correct alignment with the nozzle.
  • Highest possible discharge rate maximizes plant protection.
  • Special disc style for liquid applications enhances valve performance.
  • Conventional arrangement suitable for applications where built up pressure will not exceed 5%.
  • Conventional valve can also be used in systems with constant superimposed backpressure (up to 80%).
  • Balanced bellows arrangement for applications where several safety relief valves discharge into a common discharge manifold or for variable back pressures to 40%.
  • Choice of cap options.

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