Sempell GPS5 Blow-down isolation gate valve

Sempell GPS5 Blow-down isolation gate valve

Sempell™ GPS5 is designed for steam and water circuits operable at guillotine pipe-break and after electric actuator switch-off failure. Split wedge design delivers superior leak tightness. Stellite hard-faced seats, non-rotating stem, backseat, limit switch control, superior leak-tightness, precise wedge guiding, D-shaped wedges avoid tilting effects, leak tightness at low system pressure by cup springs.

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Size Up to NPS 24 / DN 600
Pressure class Up to 2500 / PN 400
Body material Forged CS and SS
Stellite and cobalt free hardfacing  
Qualification Tests at GAP Karlstein
Options Cobalt-free hard-facings, torque switch control, live loading, leak-off or double packing, and packing blow-out

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