STE5 pneumatic control cabinet

STE5 pneumatic control cabinet

Sempell™ STE5 is an ATEX approved pneumatic control cabinet for control of the supplementary loading and opening of safety valves. The safety valve will be equipped with a pneumatic actuator that will be connected to the STE5. One or more valves can be connected to the cabinet. All valves will be given supplementary loading. The cabinet have 3 pressure switches that, at indication of higher pressure than set on the switches, switch from supplementary loading to lifting air on a pre-chosen valve. The other valves work now as spring-loaded safety valves. The cabinet will switch back to supplementary loading when the pressure value is lower than set on all 3 pressure switches.

The set pressure of the valves can be checked with the STE5 control cabinet without operation of the safety valve. No interruption of the plant operation.

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Ambient Temperature: Max. 60 °C
Compressed Air Supply: 4 bar min., 8 bar max.
Air Consumption: During normal operation: 0,08 Nm3/h
Quality of Compressed Air: Filtered and dried; due point temperature at least 10°C lower than ambient temperature
Type of Enclosure: IP 66
Weight: 48 kg
Others: Other versions available on request

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