Tartarini Type BM9 Slam Shut Valve

Tartarini Type BM9 Slam Shut Valve

Tartarini™ Type BM9 slam-shut valve is an axial flow type, automatic shut-off device suitable for installation as safety device in regulating, distribution and transmission stations of suitably filtered natural gas.

The slam-shut valve has the task to quickly shut off the gas flow when the pressure in control point(s) reaches a fixed set value.

Type BM9 is designed to be used with fuel gases of 1st and 2nd family according to EN 437, and with other non-aggressive and non-fuel gases. For any other gases, other than natural gas, please contact us.

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Body Sizes DN 200 to 300 / NPS 8 to 12
End Connection Styles CL300 RF and CL600 RF
Maximum Allowable Pressure CL300 RF: 51.7 barg / 750 psig
CL600 RF: 103 barg / 1500 psig
Inlet Pressure Ranges CL300 RF: 0 to 51.7 barg / 0 to 750 psig
CL600 RF: 0 to 100 barg / 0 to 1450 psig
Overpressure Set Ranges CL300 RF: 0.5 to 50 barg / 7.25 to 725 psig
CL600 RF: 0.5 to 90 barg / 7.25 to 1305 psig
Underpressure Set Ranges CL300 RF: 0.3 to 50 barg / 4.35 to 725 psig
CL600 RF: 0.3 to 80 barg / 4.35 to 1160 psig
Minimum/Maximum Allowable Temperature Class 1: -10 to 60°C / 14 to 140°F
Class 2: -20 to 60°C / -4 to 140°F
Working Temperature Capabilities Standard Version, Nitrile (NBR) or Fluorocarbon (FKM): -10 to 60°C / 14 to 140°F
Low Temperature Version, Nitrile (NBR): -20 to 60°C / -4 to 140°F
Slam Shut Controller OS9/80X Series (a sub-family of OS/80X Series)
  • Single-piece, integral flanged and ergonomic design of anti-rolling feature in the body
  • Fully balanced plug design for lower actuation forces
  • Can monitor overpressure and/or underpressure in a single stream or in other points of a gas station
  • Local Push-button manual emergency release
  • Manual reset through rotation of the reset shaft only
  • No external by-pass required
  • Ease of maintenance through modular design
  • Radial seal design resulting in low fluid velocity around the seating surfaces to reduce flow wearing

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