Yarway Series 751/761 Drip and Tracer Steam Traps

Yarway Series 751/761 Drip and Tracer Steam Traps

Yarway™ series 751/761 is available in two body designs and with three Filled Thermal Elements (FTEs). The Series 761 is an in-line body with an integral wye strainer and blowdown valve. The Series 751 is an in-line body only. The FTEs to 300 psi are the -5 for drip tracing and light process; the -40 for tracing. The -HP is for applications to 600 psi. The FTEs are available in factory set and assembled renewal kits.

All internals are energy efficient. The -5 and -HP internals are slightly subcooled operating near steam temperature. The -40 internals operate 35°F to 45°F subcooled. The -HP is recommended for optimum service life limited to 450 psig.

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Pressure-Temperature Ratings:
  751/761-5, -40: 751/761-HP:
Shell Rating 600 psi 600 psi
Max. Design Temperature 750°F / 400°C 750°F / 400°C
Max. Operating Pressure 300 psi / 21 bar 600 psi / 41 bar
Min. Operating Pressure 1 psi / 0.07 bar 1 psi / 0.07 bar

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