A quick installation

A quick installation

A power plant in Stockholm needed to modernize the desuperheating between superheaters on two boilers. We offered a proposal where we would manufacture the systems in our own workshop. All welding, non-destructive examination and hydrotest was done before installation. The only installation work in field was the two remaining welds per system. These were radiographically examined but otherwise the systems were tested and ready from our workshop.

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Fredrik Andrée
Process Engineer, Engineering dept.
Phone. +46 54-57 92 41


Per Nordquist
Process Engineer, Engineering dept.
Phone. +46 54-57 92 38


Sören Kindlund
Engineering Manager
Phone. +46 54-57 92 18


Control valve Fisher HPS NPS2 CL1500 WCC
Actuator AUMA SAR07.2
Design P/T 60 bar(g) / 420 °C
Piping class l

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