Steam Conditioning

Steam Conditioning

A customer needed to replace an old steam conditioning station with poor functionality. The position is critical; it controls the power output of a 140 MW heat exchanger. Reliable and accurate control of downstream pressure and temperature is essential.

Askalon delivered a steam control valve and desuperheater with double spraywater manifolds. The desuperheater is designed for maximum efficiency. The components are delivered by Emerson (Sempell and Fisher).

Askalon can help from start to finish. We calculate and deliver components according to the customer specifications. We make special designs according to PED, we take responsibility for the installation, and we help with tuning of the control loop. We educate operators and we do service on the installed components.

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Inlet DN200 x 36 mm
Outlet DN500 x 14,2 mm
Water connections DN50 PN400 / DN50 PN160
160 bar(g) / 540 °C 20 bar(g) / 290 °C

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