Three way valve for throttling service of hot water

Three way valve for throttling service of hot water

A customer contacted Askalon for a quote on a 3-way valve to control the flow of hot water from a boiler, via a heat exchanger. Askalon was able to propose a customer specific solution using two DN200 PN16 Fisher™ Control-Disk™ high performance butterfly valves operated by one pneumatic actuator and a tandem linkage. Thanks to Askalon having its own Engineering department and workshop we could make significant improvement in both price and delivery time compared to competitors.

The whole assembly comes mounted and turnkey tested to a T-piece pipe with flanges including hydrotest and 3.1 material certificates according to PED. It has a 4-20 mA Fisher FIELDVUE™ DVC2000 digital valve controller with integrated limit switches and 4-20 mA position transmitter.

Askalon can also provide 3D CAD drawings when needed.

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Gert Andrée
Senior Process Engineer
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Malin Pluto
Process Engineer, Engineering dept.
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Per Nordquist
Process Engineer, Engineering dept.
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Sören Kindlund
Engineering Manager
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Type 2 x Fisher Control Disk
Design data 10 bar (g) / 150 °C
Connection DN200 PN16 (Lugged)
Valve body mtrl 1.0619 carbon steel
T-piece / tandem linkage mtrl Stainless steel
Seat leakage ANSI VI
Actuator Fisher 2052
Positioner Fisher DVC2000
  Declaration of conformity to 97/23/EC (PED)
  Assembled and tested in our workshop ready to install at site as one unit.

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