Customized cylinders

Customized cylinders

A customer realized that two of their pneumatic cylinders to control flow in their chemical process were in extremely poor condition. The cylinders were of old model and could not be refurbished, so the only alternative was to replace them with new ones. They had to be replaced as soon as possible, as a failure would have major consequences for the customer´s process.

Askalon received orders for two cylinders with a customized solution for the customer's requirements in terms of type of positioner, stroke length and actuating force. Two weeks after the order was received, they could be installed at the customer.


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Gert Andrée
Senior Process Engineer
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Malin Pluto
Process Engineer, Engineering dept.
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Per Nordquist
Process Engineer, Engineering dept.
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Sören Kindlund
Engineering Manager
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Cylinder Aventics ICL
Positioner PMV P5
Regulator Fisher 67CFR
Stroke length 320 mm
Stroke time appr. 5 s

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