Fisher 1052PSV Size 60 Rotary Actuator

Fisher 1052PSV Size 60 Rotary Actuator

The Fisher™ 1052PSV actuator has a seismically-qualified actuator design based on the standard Fisher 1052 size 60 actuator. The 1052PSV actuator incorporates the tilting diaphragm rod, turnbuckle adjusting feature, upper diaphragm casing assembly, and SS129 dual springs mounted within a fabricated box construction. The actuator box is designed for standard 3610J positioner mounting. An adjustable valve open position is provided by limiting lever rotation with adjustable travel limit bolts in the bottom of the fabricated actuator box.

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Actuation Spring-Return, Rotary
Control Type Throttling
Operating Temperature Standard Temperature
Power Source Pneumatic
Process Control Throttling
Valve Type Ball Valve
  • Designed with a tilting diaphragm rod and adjustable turnbuckle.
  • Diaphragm casing assembly is included.
  • Dual springs are mounted within a fabricated box.
  • Standard Fisher 3610J positioner mounting.
  • Features a seismically-qualified design.

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