Fisher QUIKLOOK 3-FS Valve Diagnostic System with FlowScanner Software

Fisher QUIKLOOK 3-FS Valve Diagnostic System with FlowScanner Software

Emerson and Teledyne Test Services have partnered to offer the QUIKLOOK™ 3-FS valve diagnostic system with Fisher™ FlowScanner™ software. It's an integrated system for testing your nuclear facility’s air-operated valves (AOV) and motor-operated valvess that’s reliable, accurate, easy-to-use, fast, and gives easily interpretable analysis data. It allows you to significantly reduce the test time from set-up to finish and help manage and support reduction in your cost of compliance in testing, safety, and efficiency.

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  • Faster test time from start to finish with automated test setup import, drop-down menus, pop-up tips, and color-coded cables for less re-work and to reduce human error.
  • Remotely operate the data acquisition system from a lower dose, lower temperature area for enhanced test operator safety and comfort.
  • Corrective action recommendations are available when you find a valve with a margin issue, so an actuator change is not your only option.
  • Quick connect fixtures allow for faster hookup to the valve by using one motion to attach travel transducers that utilize plug-and-play technology.
  • Direct interface with margin software allows the direct import of test results so margins can be calculated faster, saving you time.
  • Better measurement accuracy with valve sensors means you get higher, truer margins and more valves that pass.
  • Real-time data viewing allows you to stop a test with bad data, so time isn’t wasted finishing a test that is not good.
  • Common platform for AOV and MOV testing fully leverages the advantages of FlowScanner software on AOVs, and QUIKLOOK software on MOVs.

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