Beam mounting

Beam mounting

Askalon was contacted by a customer that had issues with their previous actuators not fulfilling the required accuracy. They are using their own butterfly valves due to the high temperature but the actuators was a low cost design and caused problems with accuracy and failures. The customer had been forced to adapt their process and routines to the equipment instead of the opposite – the equipment is adapted to the process data desired.

We solved the customer’s problem by supplying an actuator that meets the requirements, to ensure that the customer can run their process as desired. The customer also wanted the possibility of demounting the valve for service without having to demount the actuator. The valve is placed about 2,5 meters above ground near the ceiling. Askalon designed a solution where the actuator is suspended on a beam. It follows the valves movements to the necessary extent through grooves and sliding plates to minimize the risk of breakages in the connection between the valve and the actuator.

In conclusion:

• Reliability: Askalon's first test installation three years ago has worked out well.

• Profitability: The customer claimed that if they saved two seconds testing time it would pay for the project.

• Safety: The problem is that the valve gets stuck. Our actuator is fixed to a frame which means that the valve can be taken out without lifting down the actuator. The height is about 2,5 meters.

• Sustainability: Previously, the old actuator was replaced once a month.

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Actuator Fisher 2052 size 1
Positioner Fisher DVC2000 AD
Regulator Fisher 67CFR
Valve Customer’s self-manufactured size DN100
Mounting bracket Askalon customized beam mounting bracket and shaft coupling
  18/8 Stainless steel

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