Steam Conditioning with dump tube

Steam Conditioning with dump tube

A customer wanted the opportunity to produce district heating without having to run the turbine.

The project consisted of one new direct condenser with control valves, of which the control valves were supplied by Askalon.

The equipment consists of a steam conditioning station with dump tube. A dump tube was required as the downstream straight piping to the condenser was short. Valves for level control were also included. Upstream the control valves, quick-closing shut-off valves according to SIL2 were installed. The entire assembly was welded together into one unit in our workshop. Other valves were delivered as single components.

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Fredrik Andrée
Process Engineer, Engineering dept.
Phone. +46 54-57 92 41

Sören Kindlund
Engineering Manager
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Shut-off valve Fisher HPD NPS4 CL1500 WC9
Actuator BIFFI PLA
Positioner Fisher FIELDVUE DVC6200
Control valve Fisher HPD NPS4 CL1500 WC9
Actuator Fisher 667
Positioner Fisher FIELDVUE DVC6200
Desuperheater Askalon inline
Dump tube Askalon tube diffuser
Design P/T 60 bar(g) / 495 °C
Piping class lll

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