Slurry valves

Slurry services are unforgiving on isolation valves. In these applications, inferior valves quickly succumb to premature wear and fail. It’s not long before plant throughput suffers and maintenance budgets escalate.

Clarkson™ high performance slurry isolation and control valves has led the industry in elastomeric sleeve technology for 50 years. The comprehensive line of slurry knife gate valves leads the market in the mining, mineral processing, and general process industries. Valves come standard as self-purging bidirectional shut-off, ensuring repeatable positive isolation in critical applications.

Keystone™ slurry valves have bi-directional, self-cleaning, and self-purging capabilities that provide solutions for mining, power and process industries. They are suited for many applications; bauxite slurries, coal washeries, tailing dispersal, cement, caustic, sugar industry and tailings, mud and sand dispersal, mineral sands, green liquor, spent liquor or pregnant liquor service in the alumina industry or other scaling applications, for the control of liquids, gases, for light/medium duty slurries and for the control of aggressive slurries.

Lunkenheimer™ are premium isolation valves designed and engineered for severe service applications where scale and erosion are present. They provide solutions to mining applications in alumina, nickel and gold processes.


Clarkson, Keystone and Lunkenheimer slurry valves

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