Rotary control valves

​When capacity and performance are the requirements, Fisher™ rotary valves are the answer. Popular rotary products include butterfly, eccentric plug, full bore pipeline, high performance butterfly and segmented ball.

A segmented ball valve is similar to a conventional ball valve, but with a contoured V-notch segment in the ball. This control valve has good rangeability, control, and shutoff capability. Full port and reduced port ball valves are well suited for a variety of hydrocarbon and process industry applications, including pipeline, bypass, batch, monitor, and emergency shutoff service. Butterfly valves are a type of rotary valve that use a rotating disk to control flow through a pipe. The disk is generally operable through 90 degrees and provides a linear flow characteristic.

An eccentric plug valve is a style of rotary control valve with a plug-shaped, flow-restricting member that follows an eccentric path as it rotates. The plug has no contact with its seat until it turns within a few degrees of the shutoff position. As the plug contacts or “cams” into the seat, the seating surfaces dynamically align to achieve shutoff. This valve type can also be referred to as rotary globe.



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