Skid for steam conditioning

Skid for steam conditioning

Askalon has delivered a skid reducing station that controls the steam flow to a heat exchanger that is used in the customers process for recycling metals. The piping and desuperheaters are designed, manufactured, assembled and tested in Askalons workshop in Hammarö. The control valves are Fisher™ and also included is a safety valve by Sempell™.

Askalon has also designed and manufactured a water tank that will supply the desuperheaters with spraying water. The tank is delivered with logic so that it automatically switches to a back-up water source in case their primary water is depleted.

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Fredrik Andrée
Process Engineer, Engineering dept.
Phone. +46 54-57 92 41

Sören Kindlund
Engineering Manager
Phone. +46 54-57 92 18

Steam control valves (split range) Fisher easy-e ES / EZ
Water control valves Fisher GX / Baumann 24000SVF
Desuperheaters Askalon inline (start-up) / Askalon venturi (operation)
Safety Relief valve Sempell Series S
Design Pressure In/Out 6 bar g / 0,5 bar g
Design Temperature In/Out 250 °C / 250 °C

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