Valves and regulators for hydrogen applications

In our huge range of valves, there are valves and regulators for hydrogen. We have the knowledge to help you find the right way towards a green transformation. We have valves that are recognized as good in hydrogen applications, many of which have been in operation since the 80s.

Most of our standard valves are available for hydrogen. For regulation, there are Fisher™ easy-e™ with type ET for higher flows and type EZ for lower flows, for example Quench valves. To minimize external leakage, there is Fisher's ENVIRO-SEAL™ Duplex H2 packbox which is specially developed for hydrogen applications. For shut-off, there is the triple eccentric metal sealing damper valve Vanessa™ which is leak tested with helium. The helium molecule is smaller than the hydrogen molecule, which ensures that the valves that are delivered meet their tightness requirements even for hydrogen applications.

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