Anderson Greenwood 5200 Pilotstyrda säkerhetsventiler

Anderson Greenwood 5200 Pilotstyrda säkerhetsventiler

Anderson Greenwood™ 5200 är en modulerande pilotstyrd tryckavlastningsventil för economise-applikationer som uppfyller de stränga kraven i ASME avsnitt 1 vid höga temperaturer.

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  • Increased system output with total valve tightness to 96 percent of set pressure without leakage.
  • All plastic pilot seats and seals provide chemical compatibility with corrosion inhibitors in feedwater service.
  • Balanced design ensures proper valve operation and lift unaffected by back pressure; pilot exhausts to main valve outlet with no effect on set pressure.
  • Reduced product loss and pollution through soft seats for premium tightness before and after relief cycles.
  • Modulating action minimizes flow and resultant noise during normal system upset, reducing noise abatement costs.
  • Non-flowing pilot reduces seat wear and minimizes entrance of dirt and particulates.
  • Easy, single set pressure adjustment is accurate and dependable.
  • ASME Section I stamp for steam and water service; ASME Section VIII for steam also available.
  • Rugged bracket pilot mounting protects against vibration and careless handling.

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