Clarkson Figur SU10R skjutspjällsventil i polyuretan

Clarkson Figur SU10R skjutspjällsventil i polyuretan

Clarkson™ SU10R-ventilen erbjuder dubbelsidig anströmning med ett fältutbytbart snap-in som helt skyddar det fuktiga området från nötning och frätande uppslamningar, vilket ökar pålitligheten och livslängden.

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End Connection Wafer, Lugged
  • True bi-directional flow and shut-off, allowing it to be installed in either direction.
  • Unique one-piece, precision molded high strength polyurethane liner protects the wetted parts, from corrosion and abrasion. It is field replaceable in all sizes, no need to return to factory for repair.
  • The liner has integral flange seals eliminating the need for flange gaskets in most cases.
  • The liner has integral sealing beads to support and wipe slurry from the gate, minimizing deflection and improving packing life.
  • It can replace conventional and short pattern slurry knife gate valves. As a true pressure vessel valve the SU10R does not discharge to atmosphere when cycled.
  • Compact two piece split body construction for easy maintenance.
  • Testing as per MSS SP-81
  • Fully rated 316 stainless steel gate, with optional 17-4 ph to provide improved abrasion resistance against the rigors of abrasive applications.
  • Full round port and seat design offers low pressure drop across valve and longer service life in abrasive applications.
  • Designed to be a repairable asset, lower the cost of ownership.
  • Inverted self-aligning gland box allows for easier setup and longer packing life.
  • Complies with MSS SP-81 face-to-face dimensions.

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