Fisher 1080 urkopplingsbart manuellt ställdon

Fisher 1080 urkopplingsbart manuellt ställdon

Fisher™ 1080 manuellt ställdon är ett avstängningsbart don för manuell manövrering av reglerventiler som använder ett 1035 / El-O-Matic™-ställdon. 1080 monteras direkt på 1035-ställdonet och kan kopplas in för att möjliggöra manuell manövrering av ventilen när strömställaren inte används eller kopplats ur.

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Actuation Rotary, Manual
Certifications PED, CUTR, ATEX
Control Type On/Off, Positioning, Positioning
Power Source Manual
Valve Type Ball Valve, Butterfly Valve, Eccentric Plug Valve, Triple Offset Valve
  • Direct mounting to the actuator housing simplifies installation and eliminates the need for additional mounting parts.
  • A lever-operated eccentric bearing support on the input shaft allows engagement of the worm gear with the sector at any point of rotation.
  • Each size of the 1080 actuator corresponds to the capabilities of a size of the 1035. So you need only calculate the size of the 1035, when ordering both a 1035 and 1080.
  • The disengagement lever is held in both the engaged and disengaged positions by a spring-loaded pin, which must be released before the lever can be moved. This reduces the possibility of inadvertent or accidental operation. In addition, stop-pins at the fully engaged and fully disengaged positions provide positive limits for lever travel.

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