Sliding stem valves

We offer a broad range of sliding stem valves. Straight-pattern (globe) or angle-pattern for several applications in sizes from 1/4" (DN6) to24"(DN600). From simple applications for gas and fluid, to more complicated media like hydrogen, hydrocarbon, and steam. They are available in steel, stainless and more advances material. The valves can be equipped with control via air, electric or hydraulic actuators.

A throttling globe valve uses a linear motion to move a closure member into and out of a seating surface. They have a body distinguished by a globular-shaped cavity around the port region and are designed to regulate process flow when used in conjunction with an actuator assembly. An angle valve is a globe valve design in which the inlet and outlet ports are perpendicular to each other. It uses a linear motion to move a closure member into and out of a seating surface. Angle valves are commonly used in boiler feedwater and heater drain service and in piping schemes where space is at a premium and the valve can also serve as an elbow.


GX valves from Fisher


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