Neotecha NeoSeal linad vridspjällsventil

Neotecha NeoSeal linad vridspjällsventil

Neotecha™ NeoSeal är en PTFE-linad lösning enligt ISO 5752/5 kort (EN 558-1 / T5) med olika korrosionsbeständiga skivmaterial.

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Certifications PED, Fugitive Emission, CUTR, CRN, CE
End Connection Lugged, Wafer
Body Design Short Pattern
Material Ductile Iron
Operating Temperature Less Than 200 C
Pressure Class PN
Seat/Seal Type Lined
Valve Size Standard DN
Media Aggressive Liquids/Gases
  • Upper and lower set of Belleville springs put pressure to keep the two sealing surfaces of the stem seal together resulting in a superior TA-Luft / VDI 2440 approved. tem seal.
  • The elastomer back-up pads behind the liner ensure a tight fit around the disc, for a bubble tight shut-off.
  • The liner provides a wide flange sealing surface.
  • A one piece thin disc stem lined with 3 mm molded PFA providing high Kv values.
  • The liner and disc are the only two valve parts in contact with the medium.
  • Primary shaft sealing by preloaded contact between disc and liner hub.
  • Secondary shaft seal by oversizing the shaft diameter in relation to the shaft hole in the liner.
  • The liner and disc are molded and machined to close tolerances to provide:
    • low torque
    • less stress and deformation during opening and closing
  • Vacuum tests with helium with pressures less than 20 Pa absolute (0.2 mbarA).
  • Optional TFM lining available for extremely demanding applications.
  • Integral body locating holes to ensure perfect centering of the valve.
  • Actuator flange and stem dimensions acc. ISO 5211.

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